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A Guide to Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular fantasy franchises in history. From the original series of books to the movie trilogy and all the related content, millions of people have fallen in love with the setting of Middle Earth and the characters that inhabit it.

Getting to Know Middle Earth

One of the things that makes Middle Earth so popular with readers is the sheer size and scale of the setting. It is a fully fleshed out universe with its own societies, systems and ways of living. This makes it one of the best-developed fantasy settings. This fact also means that the series can attract all sorts of fans. There are multiple different elements and areas of the series and its environment that they can be interested in. Beyond the novels themselves, many books have been written which go into more depth around the settings and allow readers to further explore the world of Middle Earth. This website aims to be an extra resource for that content.

The Characters of Middle Earth

The scale of Middle Earth grows significantly at the beginning of The Two Towers as the book moves beyond the characters that are initially introduced in The Shire. This takes the book onto another level and means that there are far more characters for readers and viewers to get to know. This expansion has also driven a large amount of fanfiction and other content that has been written around the series.

It is not only written content that is inspired by the fantasy theme. You'll find hundreds of video games and online slots featuring mythical dragons, dwarves, and all sorts of magical creatures and settings (you can see the full list of such games on